Nautilus Investments considers social responsibility as a key factor
in company management and investment decisions.

We strive to promote soundness through a transparent governance structure,
while also pursuing sustainable management by considering the impact on the environment and society.
Simultaneously, we make continous efforts to foster the growth and value enhancement of investee companies.

To achieve this, we periodically analyze whether our company's and investee companies' social responsibility policies align with the following criteria and provide long-term development directions.

Ⅰ. Labor

Company must protect and respect internationally declared labor rights.

Company must ensure quality of life for their workers by providing adequate compensation, stable employment, and a healthy working environment.

Company must not only offer suitable education, training, and skill development opportunities to their workers to enhance their capabilities but also strive to improve the quality of their workers' lives ultimately

Company must eliminate forced labor, child labor, and employment and workplace discrimination.

Company must guarantee the freedom of association and collective bargaining, while also endeavoring to establish a healthy labor-management relationship through effective dialogue between labor and management.

Ⅱ. Partners & Competitor

Company must promote the establishment of a fair market order and contribute to the balanced development of the national economy through fair trade and compliance with the rule of law.

Company must avoid all forms of corruption, including abuse of power and bribery, to establish transparent and trustworthy relationships with their business partners.

Company must treat their business partners fairly and promote their social responsibilities throughout the course of transactions.

Ⅲ. Consumer

Company must sell products and services in a fair way and provide accurate information about the products, enabling consumers to make informed purchasing decisions and protect their own interests.

Company must provide consumers with safe and healthy products and services, inform them about the risks associated with the products and services, and take responsibility for related matters.

Since the performance of a company is significantly influenced by consumer choices, company must fulfill their social responsibility regarding consumer issues appropriately and foster a trusting relationship with consumers.

Ⅳ. Local Community

Company contributes to improving the quality of life for local residents through support in education, culture, and healthcare.
Company promotes the economic development of the local community through job creation, income generation, purchases, technology support, and infrastructure investment.
Company contributes to the social and economic development that the local community aims for and form a smooth relationship with the local community through sufficient communication with the local community.